Wellness Goals with Angela Miller Barton, KeishaMarie Douglas & Micah Siva #409

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On this episode of GoalChat, host Eckerling talks about Wellbeing Goals with Angela Miller Barton, KeishaMarie Douglas, and Micah Siva. Angela is a coach/trainer, as well as membership program coordinator at Wellcoaches, KeishaMarie is founder of the Veteran Wingwomen Community, and Micah is founder of Nosh with Micah and author of “Nosh.”

The trio shared their takes on wellness, wellbeing, and prioritizing self care. They also offered practical wellness tips.

What is Wellness?

– Micah: It can be what you eat, what you do with your body how, and you take care of yourself mentally; it’s how you prioritize yourself

– Angela: It’s alignments, finding peace, and maintaining balance over an extended period of time. Your wellness practices do not need to make sense for other people; it’s what works for you

– Angela: Sometimes you need to look at life in “Microioys” Check out the book by Cyndie Spiegel

– KeishaMarie: It is is how you speak to yourself/respond to what life throws at you

Favorite Wellness Practices

– KeishaMarie: Winding down at night, and scheduling time with Renee (her Roku) and sleeping in on the weekends

– Micah: Exercising, getting her hair cut (2x year), and her skin care routine at night

– Angela: Petting a cat


– Angela: Set a timer for 1 minute and ponder what kind of self-care goal will make you feel good/exhale

– KeishaMarie: Get the Insight Timer and do a 2-minute meditation. Angela recommends Sarah Blondin, while KeishaMarie likes Liza Colpa’s meditations on the Insight Timer app

– Micah: Next time you are at the grocery, pick up one fruit or vegetable and try making something with it

Final Thoughts

– KeishaMarie: Do something that scares you every day!

– Angela: Do hard things

– Micah: Only you can define what wellness means to you

Learn more:

Angela Miller Barton: WellcoachesSchool.com

Keisha Marie Douglas: KeishaMarieOnline.com

Micah Siva: NoshwithMicah.com

Debra Eckerling: TheDEBMethod.com/blog

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