Art of Persuasion with Beth Granger, Carlee Myers & Jonathan Pritchard #410

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On this episode of GoalChat, host Debra Eckerling had a spirited conversation on the art of persuasion with Beth Granger, Carlee Myers, and Jonathan Pritchard on this week’s GoalChat. Beth Granger is a LinkedIn specialist and an Exactly What to Say™ Certified Guide, Carlee Myers is founder of The Stress Less Company, and Jonathan Pritchard is founder of ZAVANT enterprises. The panel talked about persuasion, along with communication, authenticity, alignment, and so much more.

What is Persuasion?

– Jonathan: Persuasion is helping change someone’s beliefs for their own betterment

– Carlee: Getting people in your camp

– Beth: When you hear the word persuasion, you may think it’s a negative, but that’s not necessarily so

– Jonathan: “persuasion” and “truth” are not the same thing; they are cousins at best


– Beth: Ask more questions of those you want to persuade or get to know better

– Carlee: Calm your nervous system

– Jonathan: Learn a simple magic trick

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