OTS 368: Curiosity Conversations – Traca Savadogo

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Today’s guest is a relationship strategist and speaker specializing in transformation, change management, and culture.

Her TEDx talk, “Why You Should Regularly Talk with Strangers,” champions the power of human connection and has been translated into 15 languages, demonstrating her global impact as a thought leader.

She takes a neuroscience-based approach, challenging others to embrace change, weaving together a tapestry of courage, vulnerability, and empathy. As a transformative advocate, her work is rooted in the belief, “You can’t fix what you’re not willing to face.”

Fun fact – she initiated the now standard practice of Starbucks writing drink orders on the cups. She shares that story in “The Performance Paradox,” a book written by Eduardo Briceño.

Please join me in welcoming Traca Savadogo. 

Tune in as we navigate Traca Savadogo’s eclectic path from her entrepreneurial spirit to becoming a thought leader on the power of negotiation and human connection, and unpack her unique perspectives on personal growth, leadership, and nurturing networks.

In this episode, we discuss:

🔎 Entrepreneurial Adaptability: Traca’s evolution from a corporate skeptic to a solo entrepreneur exemplifies her ability to pivot and adapt, leveraging her strong negotiation skills and startup mentality to succeed in her ventures.

🔎 Curiosity as a Catalyst: Her insatiable curiosity not only led to a transformative dinner with Anthony Bourdain but also fueled her unconventional career path, encompassing roles from leadership in college to creating impactful workshops based on her interviews with top negotiators.

🔎 Network Nurturing: With a focus on gratitude and personal touch, Traca cultivates her relationships through thoughtful gestures like handwritten notes and proactive outreach on social media, reinforcing the importance of reciprocity and connection across her wide network.

🔎 Change Agent Mindset: As a relationship strategist and speaker, she encourages embracing change and harnessing the power of human connection. Her neuroscience-driven approach seeks to initiate transformation, and her influence extends to widely adopted practices, such as her contribution to the Starbucks customer experience.

Hop on the bus of curiosity with our latest episode and witness Traca Savadogo negotiating wisdom that could raise your skillset higher than a startup’s valuation in Silicon Valley! 🚌💼🚀

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