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Snippets of Genius is a lighthearted business Podcast with some brilliant insights into how you can attract and cultivate success. In each episode GENIUS guests from the worlds of business development, marketing, design and wellness, share the ballsy, daring moves they made to burst opportunities wide open. Join Caroline Kay for a good old chit chat on how to decide, define, and develop anything you want in your career or business.

S7 EP4: Maisie Nicholls – How To Bring Yourself Back To The Joy

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This is a wonderful conversation about how you can learn what is invisibly holding you back from becoming all you can be.

And even, righting the wrongs of your past.

Interested? I am. 

So I asked, Maisie Nicholls – an EMDR Therapist – to tell us everything she knows about trauma, big and small, and the practices that can truly support you to step into your light. 

Ever wondered what it would be like to tell your bad boss what you REALLY think of them? Then listen in, for a story that had my eyes out on stalks!!

Perhaps, (like me and 1000’s of other content creators, business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders out there) you are starting to hate Instagram? Maisie explains why you might feel this way and how she ditched it then went viral on TikTok… 

Even better, these ballsy moves and breakthroughs are not reserved for people who have coaches, psychologist or therapists (although having one sure does make the journey a heck of a lot easier). Today you will discover the simple practices anyone can make to feel dramatically different, less stressed more confident to make the most of the big opportunities life has to offer you.  

And that’s not all..

I highly recommend making time to listen all the way through to understand:

  • The #1 thing anyone can do to build joy into every day starting now.
  • The 3 ingredients to have fun at work
  • The spectrum of trauma and the triggers 
  • What feeder memories are and how they stop you in your tracks 
  • Why “The glimmer moment” is about to change your life.  
  • How calm, joy, happiness, fun, and relaxation can be had everyday and is a fundamental part of therapy and your route to success. 
  • Trypophobia (trip-uh-FOE-bee-uh) a phobia not many people know about and how to know if you suffer.

This conversation is jam packed with practical tips you need to know to feel amazing for as long as possible. 

So tune in and learn the techniques to take care of yourself, you deserve it.


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