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Snippets of Genius is a lighthearted business Podcast with some brilliant insights into how you can attract and cultivate success. In each episode GENIUS guests from the worlds of business development, marketing, design and wellness, share the ballsy, daring moves they made to burst opportunities wide open. Join Caroline Kay for a good old chit chat on how to decide, define, and develop anything you want in your career or business.

S7 EP5: Danny Matthews – How to avoid founder burnout

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Are you passionate about solving big problems but wondering how you can?

Then this episode is for you.

Just imagine waking up one day and securing 3.5 Billion in funding.

Then imagine the weight of that responsibility.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Because, as you’re about to learn, moving too fast and too intensely can change your life in ways you may not be lucky enough to walk away from.

My GENIUS guest, Danny Matthews, Founder of Short Story Ventures and director at Founder institute London, shares the year of stress both personal and work related that led up to his burnout; leaving him temporarily paralysed and even caused him to lose his speech.

His story of finding his passions and the importance of perspective when it comes to money, connection and the confidence to LET GO.

Let go of expectations

Let go of the data

Let go of the logic.

Let go of everything BUT the FUN.

Danny is living proof, that when you let go and lean into your passions you can come back stronger than ever.

Tune in a learn

– Why focusing on what you love to do will save you from burnout

– How Danny had no formal qualifications and still found a way to thrive

– The truth about ‘being unemployable’ and ‘knowing what you want’.

– The best way to build up credibility and awareness to make that impact you want to make

– How the power of your passion is far greater than cash or connections

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Until next time, stay curious and keep exploring what new belief, behaviour or habit could be the big unlock of your genius within you.

To your success


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