Scheduling calls vs. Calling out of the blue, Zoom vs In Person Meetings

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In this episode of “Take a Breath” , Joe and Thom discuss why scheduling calls is a better strategy than calling unannounced.

Scheduling calls on a specific day and time is respectful. By understanding the agenda…. all parties can prepare ahead of time so when the meeting happens…little time is wasted. Scheduling is mutually beneficial to both parties on the call.

Joe and Thom also discuss the importance of meeting in person vs. Zoom calls. There is a certain chemical exchange that only can happen when you meet someone in person.

Although there are always exceptions ….Your long term business relationships will most likely be with people you have met in person.

Can you be successful and nice at the same time, or do only assholes succeed?

Thom explains why every kid at some point should be a waiter or waitress . The important skills developed as a waiter or waitress can carry over your entire career.

You learn how to…

– Listen to your customer

– Understand what is most popular on menus

– learn to upsell

– learn that you are one person on a team of chefs, dishwashers, managers etc.

Finally Joe and Thom give their recommendations.

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