Showcasing Yourself with Heather Eck, Kat Neff & Viveka von Rosen #413

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On this episode of GoalChat, host Debra Eckerling talks about Showcasing Yourself with artist Heather Eck, senior publicist Kat Neff (Llewelyn), and post-executive coach for women Viveka von Rosen (Beyond the Dream Board). It’s the perfect way to wrap up Women’s History Month. Everyone gets caught up in all of life’s challenges, obligations, and routines. When you pause, re-evaluate your reason for being, and practice kindness, you set the stage to showcase yourself … and everyone benefits

Heather, Kat, and Viveka share their backstories and the value of embracing your unique talents, along with what stops people from owning their path, ways to get started, and more.


– Heather: Choose a color that you really love, that you’re attracted to, and that makes you feel good; wear it and notice how you feel about it. And then also choose a color that you wouldn’t typically go for and put that on this week too. Pay attention, slow down or stop, and notice what’s happening for you when you put that color on.

– Kat: Do something good for yourself – something that makes you feel special – every single day

– Viv: Your audience needs to hear from you; get on camera

Final Thoughts

– Heather: Everyday, look for the things that make you feel open and full of possibility

– Kat: Be kind to yourself and be kind to the people around you; never miss an opportunity to do something kind

– Viv: We come from a paradigm of struggle and that you have to struggle in order to succeed. What if it was easy? What if we just tapped into our intuition, we trusted the universe, we acted from love and everything we ever could have dreamed of, plus way, way more, was presented to us. Trust your intuition and lead from the heart, because the universe has your back

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