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Cracking the CX Formula with Jason Friedman

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“A seamless onboarding process is like a first date—if you make a good impression, they’ll want to see you again.” – Jason Friedman


The world of customer experience (CX) is a labyrinth of emotions, expectations, and engagements. As businesses grapple with the enigma of what truly captivates their clientele, I had the pleasure of unraveling this with Jason Friedman, a maestro of customer experiences.

Some of the key highlights and takeaways from this episode include: 

  1. The importance of prioritizing customer happiness and making it easy for customers to do business.
  2. Using theatrical techniques like writing an “ideal customer script” to design an exceptional customer experience. 
  3. The importance of empowering employees by communicating the company’s mission and values.
  4. Maintaining relationships with loyal customers through recognition and rewards.
  5. Focusing on the customer experience as a key differentiator and driver of business success.



Here are the show notes: 


Customer obsession and growth in business. (2:17)

Making business interactions easy and frictionless. (6:29)

Automation in customer service and its impact on customer satisfaction. (13:34)

Prioritizing customer happiness in business. (17:24)

Defining success in business through customer satisfaction. (21:15)

Customer retention and acquisition strategies in business. (24:52)

Employee and customer satisfaction leading to business growth. (28:55)

Process and customer experience in business. (35:30)

Using theatre techniques in business. (40:48)

Empowering employees and delivering exceptional customer experiences. (45:39)

Customer experience, automation, and relationships in business. (52:47)

Building trust and loyalty in business relationships. (57:54)

Airline loyalty programs and personal experiences. (1:01:43)

Marketing, loyalty, and customer experience. (1:04:48)



“The best way to control your customer experience is to intentionally create it.” – Elle Robertson


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