Feeding The Beast: Creating & Managing Hundreds of Pieces of Content

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For retail brands, it’s not enough to post to social media once a week. In fact, that’s such a ridiculous idea that you probably laughed a little to yourself when I suggested it.

Or you may have cried a little too because it’s true! Retail brands have to be active and publish regularly – at a far higher rate than other industries. And it’s not enough to just spam edited product images, is it? Audiences want to be educated and entertained, which means we have to create a lot of engaging content.

How do we keep feeding the beast of social media while at the same time maintaining high levels of creativity and engagement?

That’s what Julia Wolf is here to help us with by telling her story.

With 7 years of in-house and agency design and social media experience, she has worked to produce creative solutions for a variety of clients ranging from small nonprofits to large Fortune 500 companies. Julia now serves as the Social Media Content Developer at Five Below. Since joining the company in July 2022, she has contributed to the brand’s rapid social media growth, creating content for Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Social Pulse Podcast host Mike Allton asked Julia Wolf about:

♉️ Why it’s a necessity to create high volumes of content

♉️ The strategies & tactics to help with that much content

♉️ How to still be focused on encouraging engagement

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