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We’re buying out of the ad industry boys’ club. Hosted by Cornett owner Christy Hiler, Own It lifts up the stories of women and nonbinary ad agency owners: their challenges, their successes, and their goals for the industry. We’re aiming to start a movement—because you don’t have the power until you own it.

How Lee Deas from Obviouslee, Owns It

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On this episode of OWN IT, we’re talking to Lee Deas from Obviouslee. She started her agency when she was 25 with no money or capital investment. She actually taught salsa dancing to make ends meet while she built it. Almost 20 years later, she’s built an amazing agency that does awesome work.

Lee is a force. And you’ll get that in the conversation today. We talked about her lessons learned throughout her two decades of building her agency, her influences along the way, and, of course, what she thinks we need to do to get more women in the role of ownership in our business. 

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