OTS 31 ENCORE: Moral Authority – Dorie Clark

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Today’s guest has held a wide array of leadership positions including, presidential campaign spokeswoman, nonprofit executive director, award-winning journalist, documentary filmmaker, and she received a Master of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School. And proving that she can do anything she puts her mind to: two days before this episode aired she became a Grammy-winning jazz producer!

All of these experiences inform her work as a marketing strategy consultant, professional speaker, and frequent contributor to many publications including Harvard Business Review, TIME, and Entrepreneur.

Recognized as a “branding expert” by the Associated Press, Fortune, and Inc. magazine, she is the author of two books “Reinventing You” and “Stand Out.” For “Stand Out” she interviewed 50 of the world’s top experts to understand how they developed powerful ideas and got recognized for them. I’m pleased to share that I was one of the experts she interviewed. Stand Out was named the #1 Leadership Book of 2015 by Inc. magazine and was a Washington Post bestseller.

She consults and speaks for a diverse range of clients, including Google, the World Bank, Ford Foundation, Yale University, and the National Park Service.

She is also an adjunct professor of business administration at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and a Visiting Professor for IE Business School in Madrid, Spain.

She was recognized in Forbes as one of “25 Professional Networking Experts to Watch in 2015” and is quoted frequently in the worldwide media, including NPR, the BBC, and MSNBC.

Please join me in welcoming Dorie Clark. 

📢 360+ episodes – here’s an encore from the On the Schmooze podcast’s archives! 📢 In this engaging episode, explore the diverse journey and leadership insights from Dorie Clark, a Grammy-winning jazz producer, branding expert, and acclaimed autho.

In this episode, we discuss:

🫡 Diverse Leadership: Learn from Dorie, a multifaceted leader who has excelled in presidential campaigns, journalism, filmmaking, academia, and music production, blending her experiences into strategic insights.

🫡 Brand Expertise:  Gain insights from a renowned “branding expert” recognized by Associated Press, Fortune, and Inc., whose strategies have impacted major organizations like Google, Yale, and the World Bank.

🫡 Stand Out Strategies: Discover her strategies for standing out and building a following, as discussed in her book, “Stand Out,” named the #1 Leadership Book of 2015 by Inc. magazine.

🫡 Networking Magic: Uncover the power of private dinner parties as a networking tool.

Unlocking the secrets of success and leadership from Dorie Clark – it’s like hitting all the right notes for your career!


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