Podcasters Should NOT Repurpose Content on Social Media

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There are over 5 million podcasts in the world, and over 500 million people listen to them.

But getting your podcast in front of those people is the challenge, isn’t it?

How should you promote your podcast or your client’s podcast? And how are you supposed to position and frame your podcast so that it drives actual business results?

That’s what Deirdre Tshien is here to help us with.

She’s a serial entrepreneur who lives and breathes content marketing, particularly podcasting, having authored “Honey Trap Marketing” and host of Win the Content Game. Deirdre is a 2023 Honoree of the 100 Women to KNOW in America and has co-founded Capsho, an AI-powered content marketing solution that helps businesses and creators leverage their content to amplify their message, grow their listeners, and build their movements!

The MarTech Show hosts Robin Dimond and Mike Allton talked to Deirdre about:

🔶 How agencies & social media managers can leverage podcast content

🔶 Why so much “common knowledge” on podcasting and repurposing is wrong

🔶 What marketers should focus on to get real results from podcasting

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