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Ryan Estis Outlines More Effective Selling Using a Human Centric Approach

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“The best salespeople really view selling as an act of service. It’s not something you’re doing to someone, it’s a process through which you help somebody make the very best decision for themselves.” – Ryan Estis


The art of selling has never been a static discipline. It’s a constantly evolving conversation between buyer and seller, one that necessitates not only understanding of the present landscape but also a foresight into future shifts. My conversation with Ryan Estis, a renowned sales and leadership expert, on “Prepare for Impact” delved into this dynamic, addressing the quintessential question of how to align human-centric strategies with ambitious sales goals in today’s fast-paced market.

Some of the key highlights and takeaways from this episode include: 

  1. The importance of delivering value to customers over personal relationships through helping them achieve their goals and priorities.
  2. Using active listening and questioning to deeply understand customers and build trust in sales conversations. 
  3. Leveraging technology like AI to enhance the customer experience and help salespeople scale their impact.
  4. Getting crystal clear on one’s own vision and purpose to avoid feeling lost or unfulfilled. 
  5. Viewing sales as a noble act of service rather than a transaction by partnering with customers.



Here are the show notes: 


Leadership, growth, and selling. (1:41)

Sales strategies and customer experience. (11:04)

Sales techniques, personal facts, and time manipulation. (15:48)

Flow state, nut allergies, and veganism. (22:01)

Business, leadership, and impact with Ryan Estes. (26:06)

Human-centered leadership and AI’s impact on growth. (32:53)

AI’s potential in sales and thought leadership. (39:23)

Building relationships and delivering value in business. (44:12)

Prioritization and decision-making in business and life. (53:17)

Marketing and sales strategies with a humorous twist. (59:48)

Marketing, loyalty, and customer experience. (1:04:48)



“You don’t compete on price. You compete on relationships” – Patricia Fripp


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