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Snippets of Genius is a lighthearted business Podcast with some brilliant insights into how you can attract and cultivate success. In each episode GENIUS guests from the worlds of business development, marketing, design and wellness, share the ballsy, daring moves they made to burst opportunities wide open. Join Caroline Kay for a good old chit chat on how to decide, define, and develop anything you want in your career or business.

S7 EP 9 Series Wrap Up

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The Big Lessons And The Secret Sauce

It’s here the season wrap-up, your fast guide to burst your next opportunity wide open and become the person you most want to be. 

In this episode…

We will explore the big lessons that have come from this series on how to have fun at work and the secret sauce to become the person you most want to be. 

On a personal note…

I was inspired to do this series when I was feeling stuck. Last summer, I was trying to decide on the theme and for some reason I was struggling to focus and get to work. Luckily, I was invited to a great values workshop run by Carola Baratella at Freelance Camp Italia in the beautiful Ravenna beach resort in northern Italy.  

You may have already guessed that the biggest value that came up for me was FUN. 

It was like a lightning bolt for my motivation.  

All I had to do was focus on FUN in this series and make this not another thing I had to do but something I get to do.

But that didn’t stop me doubting myself. As I was writing questions, I’d start to think…

“What am I doing?

Am I really going to ask people about their darkest moments?

Their most embarrassing times at work, and even what their animal battle companion would be?” 

I recognised for every fear that came up, that I was holding myself back with false beliefs of what I thought a business podcast should be. Instead by allowing myself to pivot and grow, I got to discover what my podcast could be. 

I’m glad to say, I’ve had more fun, engagement, positive feedback and opportunities open up than from any other series.

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I hope you enjoy this episode and you dig deeper into the inspiring stories within this series. 

Finally, a special thanks to all my GENIUS guests, my series sponsor Magic Mind and to you for listening. 

To your success!


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