Social Media with Holly Homer, Troy Sandidge & May King Tsang #415

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On this episode of #GoalChat, host Debra Eckerling puts the social back in social media with Holly Homer, Troy Sandidge, and May King Tsang. Holly is co-founder of Pagewheel; Troy is a growth strategist and podcaster, and May King is the original FOMO creator. The panel talks about the evolution and challenges of social media, along with ways to be more authentic, personal, and engaged. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to spice up your social media game or a consultant seeking ways to connect more authentically with your audience, there’s a wealth of knowledge here for you.


  • Troy: Look at your platform of choice, find someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Share one of their posts, along with your thoughts. Amazing conversations will happen
  • May King: Brag; shout about your achievements, and include the backstory
  • Holly: Grow your email list
  • Deb’s Bonus Goal: Message friends, just to say, “Hi, How are you?” They will be as happy to hear from you as you are to reconnect with them

Final Thoughts

  • Holly: Social media is not rocket science. It is one foot in front of the other. Trust your heart. It’s telling you where to go
  • May King: Hang out with awesome people like Debra, Holly, Troy, and myself. You can never hang out with enough awesome people.
  • Troy: Grow your social using non-traditional ways. Meet people outside of the social bubble: have conversations, do things, and build that relationship equity outside of social. Then, when you get back on social, you have photos and things to talk about; maybe other things will happen beyond that too.

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