What Does A Modern Agency Look Like Now

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Gone are the days of Mad Men advertising agencies – and the attitudes that went along with them. Today, marketing agencies have and continue to evolve in how they’re structured, how they operate, and how they communicate.

Brands are looking for disrupters, anti-agencies, bold thinkers with new ways of conducting business and providing value.

What are these new approaches? And if we’re leading a more traditional agency, how and what should we be considering changing?

That’s what Troy Sandidge is here to help us with.

He is the Strategy Hacker®, a renowned growth marketing strategist, global speaker, award-winning podcaster, and author. With a career spanning over 15 years, he has developed a reputation for creating sustainable, scalable, and profitable strategies that drive significant business growth generating over $175 million in client revenue and successfully launching over 35 brands worldwide. Troy’s expertise in integrating psychology, sociology, and behavior science with demand generation, go-to-market initiatives, and brand development has resulted in transformative growth pathways for a wide range of brands.

Social Pulse Podcast host Mike Allton asked Troy Sandidge about:

⭐ How the agency landscape has changed and why old models are outdated

⭐ What areas agency owners need to invest more time and attention

⭐ Why bringing DEIBA to the fore is essential, and how to approach that

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