Working With Retail Influencers and Brand Ambassadors

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Influencer marketing has grown into a $21 billion industry which likely isn’t a surprise to you. What may be a surprise is that 60% of brands work with at least 10 influencers!

That’s a lot of external advocates to have to identify, manage, build processes for, and execute campaigns with. Building out a formal influencer or ambassador community is a lot of work and can be extremely challenging to those new to the practice.

Where do we start? What are some potholes to avoid?

That’s what Jeremy Linaburg is here to help us with.

Jeremy is a social media and community-building nerd. After undergrad, he loved marketing so much that he got his master’s in marketing from the College of William & Mary. Jeremy is the Social Media Specialist for SwimOutlet and Sporti, both of which are competitive swim-focused retail companies. As a social media specialist, Jeremy is in charge of curating and managing all social platforms for both accounts, along with assisting with their ambassador community. He’s worked with Andrew & Pete, Andrew Davis, and many other communities.

Social Pulse Podcast host Mike Allton asked Jeremy Linaburg about:

♉️ Why is managing multiple influencers and ambassadors such a challenge?

♉️ What details and processes social media & community managers should be mindful of

♉️ How to invest in these ambassadors to create a successful program

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