Your Voice with Stacia Crawford, David H Lawrence XVII & Richard Walter #414

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On this episode of GoalChat, host Debra Eckerling discusses Honoring Your Voice with Stacia Crawford from Stay Ready Media; actor, voice over artist, and educator David H Lawrence XVII, Narrate Your Own Book; and screenwriter/author/professor Richard Walter, Deadpan.

The trio, who work in various aspects of storytelling (PR, voiceover, and writing), talk about the power of words, owning your voice, and more.


– David: Reframe how you look at your voice

– Richard: Allow yourself to get distracted

– Stacia: Stop worrying about what other people think; your voice, your message, is unique to you

Final Thoughts

– Richard: Art is important. It’s not an add-on or an extra. It is an essential. It’s really at the core of the human experience.

– Stacia: Keep talking. Keep shining your light, because you are unique, you’re different, and you bring massive value to the world.

– David: When trying something new, there are three fears that you can overcome. The fear of the unknown. The fear of failure. And the fear of success.

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