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American Schism – 2024 Election Edition with Seth David Radwell

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“The paradox of the frustrated majority is that the 70% think they’re in the minority because the minorities are much louder.” – Seth Radwell


In a recent episode of “Joseph Jaffe is Not Famous,” I had the pleasure of welcoming back Seth David Radwell, the author of the critically acclaimed book, “American Schism.” Seth’s return to the show couldn’t have been timelier. Our conversation delved deep into the divisions plaguing our nation and explored potential pathways to healing these rifts.

Some of the key highlights from this episode include:

  1. The importance of using empirical data and facts, rather than emotions, in political decision-making and debates. 
  2. The need for the “frustrated majority” of citizens to become more engaged and take action, as extremes currently dominate media and politics.
  3. The concept of “deep listening” – actively seeking to understand different perspectives through research rather than just paying lip service. 
  4. The role of compromise in politics and history, as shown by examples like the Constitution and immigration reform efforts. 
  5. The challenges caused by political polarization and postmodern rejection of objective truth, and the need for unity through open discussion of issues.


Here are the show notes: 


Political polarization and the importance of focusing on truth. (0:08)

The frustrated majority and the need for action in a polarized world. (9:40)

Political polarization and the need for the “frustrated majority” to take action. (14:26)

The importance of using empirical data in political decision-making. (21:48)

The importance of truth and facts in a postmodern society, with a focus on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (29:06)

Political polarization and the need for unity. (38:12)

Importance of truth and education in democracy. (42:34)

Free speech, social media regulation, and the importance of deep listening. (48:12)

Political compromise and the importance of listening. (54:53)

Compromise and finding common ground in politics. (59:38)



“It’s nice to say let’s be bipartisan. But we’re a partisan nation. We were raised as a partisan nation.” – Colin Powell


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