Are We Investing Too Much In Marketing Technology?

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ChatGPT would introduce this topic by talking about the vast and swiftly expanding landscape of marketing technology, and it would be right to do so. According to Scott Brinker at, we’ve seen a 500% increase in martech solutions over the past decade and, ironically, thanks to ChatGPT and AI, we’re poised to see even more growth in the years to come.

These solutions are coming into existence to help marketers with incredible challenges and opportunities, such as understanding increasingly complex customer journeys and data sets – but at great cost. Not just financial costs, but also costs in efficiency, direction, and even internal influence.

How should marketing teams approach the challenges of today, before turning to yet another piece of marketing technology?

That’s what Jim Williams is here to help us with.

Jim brings over 25 years of perspective on the profound changes that continue to shape the business of marketing. In leadership roles at category-creating martech companies, he’s both witnessed and contributed to the creation of the massive martech ecosystem and explosive growth of marketing operations. He was the first marketing operations leader at Eloqua, where he helped implement and evangelize modern demand practices, then went on to pioneer customer advocacy and the power of word-of-mouth marketing in B2B, and now serves as CMO for Uptempo.

The MarTech Show hosts Robin Dimond and Mike Allton will talk to Jim Williams about:

🔶How Martech spending today is harming CMOs

🔶What marketing departments need to focus on to succeed

🔶Why marketing agility is so desperately needed

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