Episode 137: Breaking the Status Quo: Success, Self-Doubt, and Therapy Intensives [featuring Amanda Buduris]

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In this episode, Patrick Casale and Amanda Buduris dive into the real challenges and transformative practices for mental health professionals transitioning to private practice.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Embrace Your Unique Journey: Amanda discusses her personal experiences as a first-generation woman of color in the mental health field, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging your background and challenges while building your practice.
  2. Invest in Growth: The importance of seeking external expertise and investing in your business comes to the forefront. Amanda shares how getting help with marketing significantly boosted her practice’s visibility and growth.
  3. Innovate with Therapy Intensives: Explore the concept of therapy intensives as a viable income stream. This model not only accelerates client healing but also provides therapists with flexibility and a deeper engagement with clients.

Both Amanda and Patrick stress the necessity of vulnerability and facing the fears of imperfection and failure. They provide invaluable advice for therapists grappling with self-doubt and perfectionism.

About Amanda:

Amanda K Buduris is a licensed psychologist and trauma therapist and a business and mindset coach for trauma therapists. Her work centers around helping those with a history of trauma deconstruct the thought viruses that tell them they aren’t enough or aren’t allowed to take up space. 

As a first-gen woman of color, and often the youngest person in professional spaces, Amanda has worked to change her own relationship with self-doubt and imposter syndrome through her own therapy, getting into business coaching, and surrounding herself with other vulnerable and authentic entrepreneurs. 

As a coach, Amanda values access to information, ease of experience, and representation. She runs a group coaching program to support other trauma therapists and therapists of color in their personal and professional goals, as well as has an accelerated group coaching program that teaches therapists about marketing, SEO, copywriting, adding therapy intensives to their practices, and overcoming mindset blocks to build practices that align with their needs and wants.


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