Episode 139: The Impact of Racial Trauma and The Power of Speaking Up [featuring Dominique Pritchett]

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Our latest episode features an inspiring and deeply personal conversation with the remarkable Dominique Pritchett.

Dominique shares her powerful experiences and insights on the impact of racial targeting, the importance of diversity and inclusion, and her journey as a motivational speaker and consultant.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Diversity & Inclusion: Understand the need for intentional observation and building relationships to address diversity issues effectively. Understanding the emotional impact is crucial for creating inclusive environments.
  2. Leverage Your Skills: Mental health professionals have unique skill sets that are invaluable in the speaking and consulting arena. See how transitioning these skills can make a significant impact across various industries.
  3. Overcome Challenges: Both Dominique and Patrick discuss the importance of having systems in place for handling speaking engagements efficiently and the need for mental health professionals to overcome the fear of sounding “salesy.”

More about Dominique:

Born to challenge the status quo, Dr. Dominique Pritchett is a mental wellness strategist, speaker, therapist and podcaster.

She is the owner of Beloved Wellness Center™ as well as the founder and podcast host of Space for Sistas® centering the experiences of Black women and girls.

As a strategist and international speaker, Dr. Dominique partners with organizations to prioritize mental wellness solutions to evolve personal and professional development through emotional intelligence.

She holds a doctorate in clinical psychology, a master’s in clinical social work and a bachelor’s in social work.

Dr. Dominique has been featured on BBC London Radio, Shondaland, Women’s Health Magazine, The New York Times, various news outlets, podcasts and more.


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