Episode 40: Mental Health Month and Challenges Faced by Clinicians, with Gabrielle Juliano Villani

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The conversation covers the topics of personal names, mental health challenges for clinicians, the impact of stress on the nervous system, and the importance of self-care. Gabrielle shares insights on polyvagal theory and the impact of stress on physical and mental health. The conversation also touches on the challenges faced by professionals in various fields and the need for self-awareness and care.


  • The importance of embracing and being proud of one’s unique name.
  • The prevalence of burnout, apathy, and negativity among clinicians, highlighting the need for better support and resources.
  • The impact of stress on the nervous system and the importance of self-awareness in managing stress responses.
  • The need for self-care and awareness of mental health challenges in various professions, beyond the mental health field.



Embracing Unique Names and Identity


Challenges Faced by Clinicians


Understanding Stress and the Nervous System

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