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From Lost To Found, with Tracy Mayo

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“Right, you’ll forget it ever happened. That’s what my social worker told me and other girls at the Florence Crittenton home for unwed mothers. But yeah, you don’t forget that you are a mother. And also, how does one keep the secret from oneself? That’s an absolute impossibility.” — Tracy Mayo

In the lead up to Mother’s Day, I wanted to share the powerful story of a mother who worked tirelessly to track down the son she gave up at birth when she was just fifteen years old. 

Meet Tracy Mayo

Despite having a very successful career, one choice continued to haunt debut author Tracy Mayo’s life— forcibly giving up her baby at the age of fifteen. Now she’s sharing the inspiring story of her impossible journey to find him during the pre-Internet era in her memoir, Childless Mother: A Search for Son and Self. 

Key Themes:

  1. The Unintended Journey of Writing: Tracy shares her transition from corporate to creative writing, highlighting the challenges and learnings of crafting her deeply personal memoir over seven years.
  2. Forced Separation: Explore the emotional and societal pressures Tracy faced in the late 1960s as a young unwed mother, including her time spent in a home for unwed mothers where her identity was erased.
  3. Therapeutic Discoveries: Tracy discusses the role of LSD and Transcendental Meditation in her healing process, emphasizing how these experiences helped her confront and manage the lingering guilt and trauma from her past.
  4. The Search for Reunion: Delve into the logistical and emotional complexities Tracy encountered while searching for her son in the pre-internet age, relying on scant clues and sheer determination.
  5. Impact of Reunion: The moment of reunion and the evolving relationship with her son are recounted, illustrating the profound impacts of reconnection on both their lives.
  6. Reflections on Personal Growth: Tracy reflects on how her traumatic experiences have enriched her understanding of life, compassion, and societal dynamics, making her a stronger and more empathetic person.
  7. Legacy and Healing Through Storytelling: Finally, Tracy discusses the cathartic effect of sharing her story, hoping to inspire and support others who might be dealing with similar experiences.

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