How To Identify & Target Retail Audiences on Social Media

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As retailers, we know that segmenting audiences works. We group similar items together in our stores, alongside other items that would be of interest to the same shoppers.

Yet for some reason, when it comes to social media, all too often we think too broadly about our planned activities and strategies.

We assume that everyone on social media, at that very moment, is a potential customer.

Why is audience identification and targeting so important on social media, and how can we get started as social media and community managers?

That’s what Chiara Gianelli is here to help us with.

Chiara launched A Matter of Nourishment with a clear goal: to help people improve their relationship with food. Initially, she focused on educating people with recipes, photos, and useful tips. However, this quickly expanded as she discovered something missing in the food, beverage, and wellness market. Brands were struggling to stand out and compete. Pretty yet soulless visuals weren’t cutting it — they needed to serve a strategic purpose and tell a story. Whether through attention-grabbing visuals or scroll-stopping social media content, Chiara helps brands find their voice, tell their story, and connect with their audience.

Social Pulse Podcast host Mike Allton asked Chiara Gianelli about:

♉️Why audience determination is critical, even on social media

♉️How retail brands can approach social media differently

♉️Why the key steps are for social media & community managers

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