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Space Marketing Podcast is where we explore marketing principles, strategies, and tactics through the lens of space. Join Izzy House as she talks with space industry professionals about their challenges and successes with marketing in the new space economy.

Marketing rockets down under with Amanda Hudswell at Equatorial Launch Australia

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In today’s episode, Izzy discusses the importance of a marketing plan with Amanda Hudswell at Equatorial Launch Australia. 

A marketing plan provides a blueprint for your communication activities, maximizes your efforts by targeting the most important audiences, and determines the marketing activities that resonate with them. A plan transforms dreams into reality by establishing the steps necessary for an idea to come to fruition and it provides clarity for action for the entire company and its team. 

Amanda Hudswell

Head of Marketing Communications and Public Affairs 

Equatorial Launch Australia


01:17 Importance of a marketing plan

03:01 Eclipse

04:27 Meet Amanda Hudswell

07:54 About ELA

13:59 When to bring in a marketing professional

16:24 The Marketing Plan

19:17 Your audience and crafting a message that resonates

22:25 Strategies and tactics of a marketing plan

24:02 Constructing the plan and getting scrappy

22:37 Measuring and testing

30:24 Non-digital results

32:52 Telling the space story

36:47 Your audience is the hero, your company is the guide

39:53 Marketing challenges

41:59 Marketing successes

44:17 Algorithms – shooting at a moving target

46:34 Bad actors, trolls, and grumpy people

53:59 The future of space

58:57 Final Thoughts


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Building a BrandStory by Donald Miller

ITAR regulations – The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) are a set of US government regulations that control the import and export of defense products, services, and information. The purpose of ITAR is to protect national security and advance American foreign policy interests. ITAR governs the following: Manufacture, Export, Temporary import, Provision of defense services, and Brokerage activities involving items described on the USML.


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