OTS 374: Stepping into the Void – Marjorie Turner Hollman

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Today’s guest has a passion for the great outdoors and a personal resilience journey.

She has become a beacon of hope for many seeking to embrace nature’s beauty, irrespective of physical constraints. Her dedication to accessibility in the wilderness has led her to author several acclaimed Easy Walks guidebooks, catering specifically to those with mobility challenges, older walkers, and parents with young kids.

Her most recent work, “My Liturgy of Easy Walks,” is a memoir and a meditation on adapting to a changed life, filled with insights and strategies for finding hope in a world that can often feel overwhelming. She’s a sought-after voice in media, offering her expertise on accessible trails and outdoor experiences, having been profiled by the likes of the Boston Globe and WCVB TV’s Chronicle news magazine.

Beyond her books, she’s a seasoned developmental editor and book coach specializing in non-fiction and topical memoirs, helping others to bring their stories and experiences to the forefront.

Please join me in welcoming Marjorie Turner Hollman. 

Join us as we explore Marjorie Turner Hollman’s remarkable transition from a history major to a noted storyteller and accessibility advocate, delving into her inspiring journey of overcoming adversity and empowering others through her writing and community leadership.

In this episode, we discuss:

📚 Overcoming Adversity: Marjorie’s journey from paralysis to prolific author showcases her resilience, transforming personal struggles into opportunities for growth and advocacy.

📚 Embracing Storytelling: Marjorie’s shift from telling stories in classrooms to crafting guidebooks underscores her ability to connect personal experience with wider audiences, making outdoor spaces accessible for everyone.

📚 Virtual Community Building: During the pandemic, Marjorie leveraged virtual platforms to foster connections, grow her outreach, and support people with mobility challenges, proving the power of online communities.

📚 Advocacy for Accessibility: Through her easy walks guidebooks, Marjorie advocates for accessible trails, providing invaluable resources for parents, seniors, and individuals with disabilities, and championing inclusivity in outdoor activities.

Tune in to this episode for a stroll through Marjorie’s journey, where storytelling and resilience meet to pave a path as smooth as a well-trodden trail!


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