Pinterest for Retail – Social Media Marketing Tactics That Work!

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Pinterest has nearly 500 million users worldwide and generated over $3 billion in revenue in 2023.

Retail social media marketers cannot afford to ignore this platform.

And yet it remains elusive to so many. Between the recommended tall images, to distributing content to boards within an account, aspects of Pinterest remain just different enough that many marketers avoid it in favor of more typical Facebook or even Instagram.

Is that a mistake? How should marketers approach Pinterest and, if it’s a new platform to the organization, where should we begin?

That’s what Alexx Wells is here to help us with.

Alexx is a full-time freelancer with over 800 clients from all around the world. I first met her while partnering with Fiverr on our Agency Summit: Pinterest Edition virtual event, where she was brought in by Fiverr as a shining example of their freelance platform, and the amazing work she does for clients, particularly with Pinterest. She’s completely self-taught and has demonstrated an incredible level of creativity and passion, which we now get to benefit from.

Social Pulse Podcast host Mike Allton asked Alexx Wells about:

♉️How Pinterest is different from other mainstream social networks

♉️Which aspects of Pinterest are particularly well-suited for retail marketing

♉️How social media managers need to approach Pinterest today

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