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With nearly 2 billion users, over half of whom have made an impulse purchase, TikTok is clearly a dominating platform for retail brands. But did you know that studies are showing that TikTok audiences, Gen Z in particular, are increasingly using that platform as a search engine, rather than Google or alternatives?

Have you considered whether or how your content and products might appear in a TikTok search… or not?

How do we make sure it’s our brand and products and solutions that show up when our target audience is searching on TikTok? How do we modify our TikTok strategy to accomplish multiple goals?

That’s what Wave Wyld is here to help us with.

Wave is a TikTok Marketing & Trends Expert. She has helped thousands of creators and business owners grow their TikTok accounts with a “Content First” & “Community Approach” so that they can make more impact and profit. She launched a brand on TikTok as the “Queen of Trend Alerts” which then started the movement of “Trend Alert” style videos that have become a mainstay within the social media industry. Wave participates in creator community programs with TikTok & YouTube, and regularly appears in National Media, top-rated podcasts, and social media summits.

Social Pulse Podcast host Mike Allton asked Wave Wyld about:

♉️What exactly is TikTok SEO?

♉️Why should retail Social Media Managers integrate it into their strategy?

♉️How your TikTok video strategy should be modified

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