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Warp Speed with Star Trek Discovery’s Doug Jones

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What would Saru do? He… pushes the fear aside and gets the task done… My circumstances won’t change, but maybe I can go at it with a different attitude.” – Doug Jones


As I sat down with Doug Jones, the heart behind the beloved character Saru on Star Trek Discovery, our conversation turned into a profound exploration of storytelling’s role in marketing, the shaping of our virtues, and the navigation through the intricate labyrinths of fear and anxiety.

Some of the key highlights from this episode include:

  • Doug Jones discussing his journey as an actor and how he embraced his unique physical appearance
  • How Jones overcame insecurities and fears through roles like Saru in Star Trek: Discovery
  • Jones reflecting on how his priorities have shifted to focus more on family as he has aged
  • Their discussion around the impact of technology on communication and human interaction
  • Details on Jones’ role in the Nosferatu remake and his acting work on shows like Star Trek and What We Do In The Shadows


Here are the show notes: 


Star Trek, personal growth, and overcoming challenges. (0:03)

How to handle technical issues during live streaming with a guest on the show. (7:29)

Coping with fear and anxiety through personal growth and Star Trek inspiration. (17:31)

Fear and love, personal growth, and interactions with others. (22:19)

Acting, imposter syndrome, and validation through audience feedback. (26:36)

Actor’s early career as a mime and contortionist, leading to commercial auditions and bookings. (31:22)

Embracing unique physical appearance and finding success in showbiz. (35:36)

Acting experiences and impactful projects with Guillermo del Toro. (42:43)

Priorities shifts from career to family as speaker ages. (48:06)

The impact of electronics on communication and identity. (52:38)

A new Nosferatu movie remake with the original film’s backdrop and new actors. (1:00:24)

Salem, Massachusetts and Sealand, a small Principality in the English Channel. (1:06:36)

Acting career, Star Trek, and vampire comedy show. (1:11:03)



“I may not have all the answers, but I do have one advantage: I am not afraid.” – Saru


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