AI in Action: Today’s Biggest Trends in Marketing Innovation with David Berkowitz

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Are you wondering how the latest tech in AI is shaking up marketing?

It’s no longer just about big data or automation. Today, AI is at the forefront of how companies understand their customers and create their campaigns. But with all these changes, it can be tough to keep up.

What specific AI tools are marketers using right now? How exactly are they enhancing their strategies with this technology?

Join us as we dive into these questions with David Berkowitz, an experienced marketer and the founder of the AI Marketers Guild. David is on the cutting edge of using AI in marketing, and today he’ll break down the complex world of AI into practical strategies that real businesses are using to get ahead.

AI in Marketing: Unpacked host Mike Allton asked David Berkowitz about:

Current AI Tools and Uses: Discover what AI tools are currently popular among marketers and how they are applying them to real-world campaigns.

Benefits of AI in Marketing: Learn about the tangible benefits that companies are achieving by integrating AI into their marketing strategies.

Navigating AI Trends: Get insights into the future of AI in marketing and tips on how to stay ahead of the curve with upcoming technological advancements.

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