Episode 142: Redefine Workplace Culture: Prioritizing Belonging and Community [featuring Mona Nour]

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There are many ways to create a business and community that doesn’t just survive but thrives, starting with prioritizing people over profit.

In this episode, Patrick Casale and Dr. Mona Nour discuss the art of creating a sustainable and fulfilling business that aligns with your values while fostering a true sense of belonging.

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Align Your Business with Your Values: Entrepreneurs, especially in the mental health field, must consider the cost of not aligning business practices with their core values. It’s about creating a fulfilling and supportive environment over merely chasing profits.
  2. Prioritize Belonging and Community: Through transparent communication, individual preferences, and community events, you can build a culture where everyone feels seen, embraced, and celebrated.
  3. Promote Cultural Competency: It’s crucial to address the gaps in cultural responsiveness in the therapy field. Focus on operationalizing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Dr. Nour’s conversation about her practice, which focuses on the experience of belonging and its profound impact on mental health, is both insightful and inspiring. Her approach to creating a clinician-centered practice with a flexible work environment and a focus on education is a model worth emulating.

More about Mona:

Dr. Mona Nour is a professor, speaker, author, and owner of Nour Counseling, a group private practice specializing in supporting clinicians and clients who identify with historically marginalized and minoritized communities. She is an identity and belonging researcher and created the Belonging Integration model.  She is the host of the Belonging Reimagined Podcast.

  • Website: drmonanour.com
  • Instagram: @dr.mona.nour
  • TikTok: @dr.mona.nour


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