Heart Over Hype: The Shift to Connection-Based Social Media Marketing

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Have you ever felt bombarded by advertisements the second you scroll through your social media?

What if instead, you found posts that resonated with your personal experiences, or content that genuinely made you feel connected to a brand? Would you be more inclined to stay loyal to that brand? Today, we’re challenging the conventional use of social media as merely a sales tool. Our guest, Caroline Shaheed, an expert in social media strategy for retail, brings us insightful perspectives on how shifting the focus from selling to connecting can transform customer loyalty and brand presence.

Caroline has demonstrated through her work that hard sales tactics on platforms like Instagram and Facebook might not be as effective unless you’re on Pinterest, which plays by different rules. But why is Pinterest different? And how does Caroline use this to the advantage of the brands she works with? Listener, you might be surprised to learn the strategic pivots that could also benefit your brand.

Today, Caroline is here to distill her strategies and share why the mantra ‘connect first, sell later’ could be your key to success. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into this approach, backed by compelling results and transformative insights.

Social Pulse Podcast host Mike Allton asked Caroline Shaheed about:

♉️Understanding the Importance of Connection Over Sales: The audience will learn why building genuine connections with customers on social media is more effective for long-term brand loyalty than direct selling tactics. Caroline will share how brands can achieve this shift in focus and the positive impacts it can have on their overall marketing strategy.

♉️Insights into Platform-Specific Strategies: Caroline will provide insights into why platforms like Pinterest can effectively use direct selling strategies, contrasting this with other social media platforms where engagement and content resonance are crucial. This will help listeners tailor their approaches based on platform-specific nuances.

♉️Leveraging Analytics to Refine Social Strategies: Listeners will gain an understanding of how to use analytics not just to measure outcomes but to inform and drive future content strategies. Caroline will discuss the role of data in crafting content that truly resonates with the target audience, which is key for authentic connection and engagement.

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