Speaking, Analogies & Props with Bobbie Carlton, John Chen & Shelley Goldstein #422

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On this episode of GoalChat, host Debra Eckerling talks about speaking, analogies, and props with Bobbie Carlton, Innovation Women; John Chen, Engaging Virtual Meetings; and Shelley Goldstein, Remarkable Speaking. Whether you are speaking in person, online, hybrid, or a mixture, you want your speaking to stand out.

Bobbie, John, and Shelley share some of their speaking experiences – good and bad – along with tips and goals for captivating the audience on any live or virtual stage. They also talk about their least favorite buzz words, sheep, goats, and more.


– Bobbie: Try giving a presentation you’ve given before a lot and make it fresh by saying things differently; and if you can add an analogy, even better

– John: Make people do something, like an interactive activity; it’ll help keep them invested and engaged

– Shelley: Change up your speeches, get rid of the jargon (or create your own jargon), and be yourself only more so

Final Thoughts

– Shelley: Captivate your audiences by being very different

– John: Disrupt, engage, keep people interested

– Bobbie: Try something new. Take that presentation that might be a little bit boring and pump it up, bring it up to the next level; you will enjoy yourself even more than your audience will

Learn more:

Bobbie Carlton: InnovationWomen.com

John Chen: EngagingVirtualMeetings.com

Shelley Goldstein: RemarkableSpeaking.com

Debra Eckerling: TheDEBMethod.com

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