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Don’t Hold Back, with Jasmine Gonzalez

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“It’s okay to not be okay. Writing has been my way to let things out, to release the constriction of emotions, and to heal. I don’t hold back in my poetry, and I encourage others to find their own way to express and release their feelings.” – Jasmine Gonzalez

In this episode of “Uncorking a Story,” we welcome Jasmine Gonzalez, a New York City-based poet whose work delves into the depths of mental health and trauma. Jasmine shares her journey from being a silent, introverted child to finding her voice through writing in college. She discusses the therapeutic power of poetry, the challenges of self-publishing her debut collection “Petals of the Red Dahlia,” and the importance of giving a voice to marginalized writers. Jasmine also reads one of her poignant poems, “The Mystique of the Red Dahlia,” and offers advice for aspiring writers on embracing vulnerability and the hard work of self-promotion. Tune in for an inspiring conversation about resilience, creativity, and the power of self-expression.

Key Themes:

  1. Introduction to Jasmine Gonzalez: Discussing her background and the role of poetry in her life.
  2. Finding Her Voice: How a college creative nonfiction class ignited her passion for writing.
  3. Mental Health and Writing: Using poetry as a therapeutic tool to process trauma and emotions.
  4. The Journey of Self-Publishing: Challenges faced and overcome in publishing “Petals of the Red Dahlia.”
  5. Performance and Connection: The impact of sharing her work on stage and connecting with her audience.
  6. Future Plans: Writing inspired by her recent trip to Puerto Rico and ongoing projects.
  7. Advice for Writers: Encouraging authenticity, the importance of social media, and not holding back emotions in writing.
  8. Reading of “The Mystique of the Red Dahlia”: A powerful excerpt from her collection.

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