AI in Marketing: Unpacked

Welcome to “AI in Marketing Unpacked” Are you looking to simplify AI integration in your marketing efforts and see tangible results? Do you want practical advice on how AI can make your marketing strategies more effective? Who is this show for? “AI in Marketing Unpacked” is crafted for marketers at every level who want to cut through the hype and truly understand how AI can work for them. Whether you’re experienced or just starting out, this podcast is your resource for straightforward, practical insights into using AI to enhance your marketing. What can you expect from this show? Join your host, Mike Allton, as he breaks down the complex world of AI into easy-to-understand discussions, focusing on real benefits for marketers. Each episode is packed with clear examples and conversations with thought leaders who are applying AI in creative and successful ways. You’ll learn how to: Improve your audience targeting and engagement Create more personalized marketing experiences Analyze and utilize data more effectively Streamline marketing operations and save time Learn more at About your host, Mike Allton Mike Allton is an expert marketer and dedicated educator in the digital marketing space. With years of experience and a flair for simplifying complex topics, Mike is here to guide you through the landscape of AI marketing, making it accessible and actionable. Join the conversation Tune into “AI in Marketing Unpacked” to simplify AI and start using it to your advantage today. Subscribe now and take the first step toward supercharging your marketing strategy with AI!

Harnessing AI: Practical Applications in Digital Marketing

Episode 11 of the AI in Marketing: Unpacked podcast, with Christopher Carr

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Building Your First AI-Driven Campaign

Episode 4 of the AI in Marketing: Unpacked podcast, with Mike Allton

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Essential AI Tools and Technologies for Marketers

Episode 3 of the AI in Marketing: Unpacked podcast, with Mike Allton

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