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Hosted ByJason Falls

Creativity is a path to problem solving, a way to captivate, build meaningful connections and inspire action. In this weekly podcast from CORNETT, a creative agency in Lexington, Kentucky, host Jason Falls interviews creatives, executives and thought leaders to see how they harness the not-so-secret weapon of creativity to create business advantages.

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The Creative Minds of The Grill Dads

Mark & Fey stop by Digging Deeper to talk about their Food Network show and popularity, but also their advertising and creative backgrounds.

The Strategy of Digital Customer Care for an Audience of Billions

Elly Moody of McDonald’s shares insights on her team’s overhaul and modernization of the digital customer care experience at the fast food giant.

The Power of Women in Brand Leadership

Diana Fryc of Retail Voodoo talks about guests of the Gooder Podcast, which highlights powerful women in retail businesses

Are Your Digital Assets Accessible? ADA Lawsuits Are On The Rise!

Usablenet’s Jason Taylor discusses its recent report on the rise of ADA-driven lawsuits against brands failing the accessibility test.

The Case for Your Brand and the Metaverse

Author Mitch Jackson (The Metaverse Handbook) explains the opportunity for businesses exploring the Metaverse on #DiggingDeeper

Attacking The Healthy Beverage Vertical with Hello Water

Co-Founder Rusty Jones joins Digging Deeper to share his plan to fight sugar with better drinks.

The Man Behind Lexington’s Psychedelic Experience

Cornett’s own Jared Lee created Expansion and Adweek honored him with a 2021 Side Show Award

Preparing Brands for a Browser Cookie-less World

Joe Singer of Merged Analytics talks about how businesses can get around needing cookie data for online ad buys

What Brands Should Watch For in 2022 Trends

Jason Falls discusses the Metaverse, NFGs, the Blockchain, Influencers and more with some practical advice for marketers.