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Marketing a startup without a system can be a challenge. We created Founder Success Methods to give you the necessary systems to grow your user base and reach that ARR of your dreams. Episodes include conversations with founders to hear their methods for success. Subscribe so your startup can grow revenue faster!

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Podcast Marketing on Instagram AND Twitter

Should you market your podcast on Instagram or Twitter?Learn more on this episode!
00:00​ Intro
01:40​ Where to Market Your Podcast
02:48​ Instagram Podcast Marketing
03:31​ Best Instagram Content
10:01​ Twitter Podcast Marketing
16:02​ Recap…

Podcasting as the Perfect Lead Generation System

Generating leads podcasting is very much possible. In this episode, I’m going to show you how to get the premium leads your business deserves.
Generating leads from your podcast isn’t about getting more downloads. You have to focus on getting the…

3 Easy Steps to Start Your Business in 2021

Establishing your business is done with the right systems. In this episode, I want to explain what it takes to generate the leads you desire in your business.
Awareness is all about getting the right attention on your brand and business. Without…

How to Tell Better Stories

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You already know how important storytelling is. What we need to learn is how to tell better stories that make a stronger impact on the audiences hearing…

Book Review: Blue Ocean Strategy

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Every entrepreneur should want to create their own market. This is the only way you can guarantee yourself to grow and scale. It’s impossible to reach…

Why You Should Start Your Speaking Career in 2021

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Public speaking is changing because of Covid. Now is the best time for entrepreneurs and podcasters to get on stage and build their brands. I know…

Book Review: The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need to Read

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I’ve always wanted to review books on my podcast and now is the perfect time! The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll ever Need to Read was written by…