YaJagoff! on Fifth

Hosted ByJohn Chamberlin, Rachael Rennebeck, George Potts

YaJagoff! on Fifth is a weekly marketing podcast for small and medium businesses to help navigate their way to smarter marketing. It is presented by the team at the YaJagoff! Podcast and Fifth Influence.

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YaJagoff on Fifth – “Slippy” is a Pittsburghese Term.. Is Elon Musk on a Slippy Slope

In Pittsburghese, the word slippy means slippery but, for some reason,...

YaJagoff on Fifth Episode #5 New vs. Repurposed Content

When does it make sense to repurpose older content?

YaJagoff on Fifth Episode #3 The Importance of Listening

Listening is more important to your social strategy than telling

YaJagoff on Fifth Episode #2 Organic vs Viral and Influencers

Only 4-6 % of your social media audience sees your stuff

YaJagoff on Fifth – A Marketing Podcast for Marketing Peeps

Meet George Potts, Rachael Rennebeck and John Chamberlin