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The FearLess Business Podcast provides a behind the scenes look at all of the topics you may be afraid to tackle in your business, but shouldn’t be. Bringing combined expertise from legal, manufacturing and running their own businesses, Jamie and Mary bring great guests and insights from their experiences to provide listeners with valuable information to help move their businesses forward.

Episode 158 – So You Started A Business…Now What?

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Jamie is flying solo today!  She is sharing her expertise in the technical and legal aspects of starting a business and what steps to take once you make this move to be an entrepreneur. 


Whether you are starting a business, or have already started a business…there are many considerations to think about to ensure you’re heading on the right entrepreneurial path. 


By creating a plan, you will lower your potential liabilities, help your budget, give you peace of mind, and allow your business to flourish.


Jamie makes it very clear that each business, and person, is unique… and the steps you take are specific to you and your needs, so be sure to tailor these considerations to fit you.


Some of the great topics Jamie covers are:

> What happens when you actually start a business

> Ensuring you know the “why” for starting your business

> Important legal items and ways to minimize risk

> A framework of considerations to analyze in any stage of your business


Please join us in the HQ. We’d love to know – what questions do you have when starting a business?


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Find Jamie here:

Website: http://www.hashtag-legal.com

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