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What to Do If Your Brand Sucks with Ernie Harker

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“If you start off on the wrong foot and your brand isn’t in line with the attitudes or personality of the brand, there’s confusion.” Or, to put it bluntly, your brand sucks. That’s the title of strategist Ernie Harker’s new book. We discuss how to … not build a brand that sucks this week on the On Brand podcast.

About Ernie Harker

Ernie Harker is a creative branding mastermind. He recently published Your Brand Sucks, a book that reveals why most companies get branding wrong and reveals the secrets he has used to assist dozens of companies define a clear image and personality for their brands. One of his greatest successes was to help revitalize an old-western retail chain into a $3 billion high-energy adventure brand. He leads workshops, gives presentations, and offers an online masterclass to help organizations define and develop remarkable brands.

Buckle up because his dynamic personality and passion for brand development will have you racing to build your brand. His friends call him Ernburn.