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The Difference Between Celebrities and Influencers

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As I browsed the headlines from around the influencer marketing industry this weekend, something I do daily to keep up with all the things, I stumbled upon another of those Top Influencer lists. Now, we’ve covered my disdain for them before. The episode that published on September 20 of 2021 said it was time to do away with them.

Alas, the content managers for many of the software companies still publishing them don’t listen to Winfluence … or maybe they do and just don’t listen to my advice. Which, I begrudgingly understand.

But I found one from IZEA, a company I love and have worked with before. Ted Murphy, its founder and CEO was the first guest on this podcast when it re-shaped to become Winfluence. It caught my attention because it was ripe for another of my criticisms of how many people think of influencer marketing.

The post was called Top 10 Basketball Influencers. I’ll tell you why I was leery of reading it and why I was pleasantly surprised when I did, in today’s commentary.