Winfluence – The Influence Marketing Podcast

Hosted ByJason Falls

Want Instagrammers and YouTubers to mention your brand? Or do you want to influence an audience to buy your product? Winfluence – The Influence Marketing Podcast explores the world of influencer marketing from a strategic perspective to help your influence efforts align with driving business value. Host Jason Falls, author of the companion book Winfluence: Reframing Influence Marketing to Ignite Your Brand, interviews brand managers, agency strategists, software vendors and influencers themselves to uncover the art and science of influencing audiences to try, buy or think differently. There’s a difference between using influencers and actually influencing. Discover that difference and explore both online and offline influence on Winfluence.

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What Happens When a Successful Creator Builds an Influencer Agency

The man behind Okay Tinashe on YouTube is now behind Sosani, which helps brands collaborate with creators

Solving the Creative Gap in Snack-able, Vertical Video for Agencies

Lena Katz from Ampersand discusses the challenges traditional creatives have for brand content for social channels

Get out the vote! Winfluence needs your help for the Top Marketing Podcasts of 2022

Silly fun, yes, but we don’t want to lose out to a show about cybersecurity, do we? Heh.

The Content Creator-to-Media-Empire Path of Black Southern Belle

How Michiel Perry leveraged her background to build a media brand from a community of like-minded consumers

FEED DROP: B2B Influencer Wisdom from SAP’s Rachel Miller via The Business Storytelling Podcast

Christoph Trappe’s past talk with Miller was so good, we wanted to just drop it in our feed!

Exploring the Nuances of Global and Luxury Marketing with Influencers

Lara Schmoisman joins Winfluence to talk about her approach to marketing in the luxury segment and around the globe

The Five Tells That Mean You Should Pass on Hiring an Influencer

Jason Falls uses the story of Sam Farha to illustrate how influencers and content creators can also clue you in to the hand they play

Leveraging Podcasts to Enhance Your Brand of Influence

Christopher Hines shares his wisdom from The Business of Podcasting to help influencers and creators expand their repertoire.

How Gary Arndt Engineered a Meteoric Rise to Podcasting Dominance

By year’s end, Everything Everywhere will likely have 1 million downloads per month, less than two years after it started