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Travis Brown On Finding A Niche When Not Even Searching For One

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Entrepreneur's Enigma

Travis is a bit of a renaissance man. He’s not just a podcaster. He’s not just a rocker. He’s not just a crazy Instagram nut-job. He’s all of that mixed into one amazing, friendly, helpful, lovable package.

Travis has always been creative. He says it has to do with escaping from the reality of his parent’s divorces and normal childhood issues. Instead of turning to drugs and alcohol as a kid he turned to creativity and started building stuff.

In high school and right after, Travis, along with three friends started a semi-successful rock band and toured the country. After hitting a wall in success, Travis decided to take these talents and put them to good use. After taking a cubicle-hell job with an hour-long commute, he started listening to podcasts and knew he could help these creators sound better to match the quality of the content. Soon after his podcast/audio engineering agency was born.

After the agency started, everything started to come together. Best of all Pod Decks, for which he’s known for came about as a fluke and now is a 6-figure business for him.

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