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How Brands Can Survive in a Web Without Cookies

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We’re now in 2022 and are within 12 to 24 months of a cookie-less world. Google announced in February of last year that sometime in 2023 it will no longer support third-party cookies for behavior tracking of is browser users. Safari and Firefox had already headed down that road, so it was rather inevitable.

That poses a significant challenge for brands as advertising targeting and retargeting has often been tied to third party tracking of browser usage. We’re entering a cookieless world.

David Tintner is the man behind a company that says it has the brand’s toolbox for thriving in a world without cookies. The company is called Thought Leaders. It leverages the long-form and social content and audiences of influencers to help brands target using better triggers for content and context.

He loves building media plans for companies that includes ad spend on deeply contextual, long-form content … like podcasts. 

So we hit it off nicely, as you might imagine.

We’re going to dive in with David today to find out his take on how brands can better target audiences without cookies … perhaps more effectively than they did with them. We also dive deep into podcasters as influencers, the effectiveness of podcast advertising and much more.