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Is The Future of Influence Marketing in Subscription Content?

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Is the future of the creator economy and influencer marketing in subscription based content? If you read the tea leaves in the industry, one may think so.

Content creators face potential problems when they put all their content and audience eggs in someone else’s basket. If the Instagram servers go berserk one day, some content creators will take a hit in revenue. If the rules on TikTok or YouTube suddenly change, we’ll … influencers may S-O-L.

Brands are also starting to value creators and influencers that have stronger relationships with, and thus influence over, their audience. What that means is an influencer with a big email marketing list, or captive on a podcast, is more valuable than someone who just has a social media following that may or may not see a sponsored post fly by in their streams.

Subscription platforms offer content creators both a way to connect directly with their audience, building a following tied to email addresses and more rich contact information, but also to derive direct revenue from their fans. 

Instead of following your favorite Instagrammer there, you pay a subscription fee of, let’s say $5 a month on a subscription platform, and you get exclusive access to the influencer’s content and maybe the influencer. 

The most well-known of these platform is OnlyFans. But it is most well known for being a popular subscription platform used by adult content creators, so there is bit of a stigma there. Fortunately, there are other options. One of them is FanBase.

Its chief technology officer Ramiro Cánovas, joined me recently to talk about the future of the creator economy. The challenged posed to creators by the existing social networks and influencer ecosystem, and the opportunity for content creators to create more direct revenue streams and genuine connections with their fans. 

As you can imagine, I geeked out with Ramiro a bit. It didn’t help that he’s also a former professional soccer player, so we started off talking about some connections we have through the beautiful game. 

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