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Want Instagrammers and YouTubers to mention your brand? Or do you want to influence an audience to buy your product? Winfluence – The Influence Marketing Podcast explores the world of influencer marketing from a strategic perspective to help your influence efforts align with driving business value. Host Jason Falls, author of the companion book Winfluence: Reframing Influence Marketing to Ignite Your Brand, interviews brand managers, agency strategists, software vendors and influencers themselves to uncover the art and science of influencing audiences to try, buy or think differently. There’s a difference between using influencers and actually influencing. Discover that difference and explore both online and offline influence on Winfluence.

What’s Wrong With Influencer Marketing’s Current Monetization Model?

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We’ve been spending some time on the show of late talking about the future of the creator economy and how influencers can plan for monetization either with or without the big social networks where much of their audience may lie today. Two episodes ago, we talked to Ramiro Canovas from FanBase, which is a lot like OnlyFans only without the stigma of everyone there being adult content creators. 

Be sure to go back and listen to that episode as it makes a case for the owned content overall.

This week, we’re going to dig into the concept of owning both your channel and your audience a bit deeper with P.J. Leimgruber. He is the co-founder of the Clash App … no, not an app that allows you to listen to London Calling and Rock the Casbah. Clash App is an owned content app that allows video creators to not only engage with their core fans and subscribers, but allows those subscriber to post Drops … these are cash payments … tips if you will … to those creators for their content. 

The discussion made me think of the old blogger tip jars, but with a more defined purpose and a community of people conditioned to send them. 

So today we’re hearing more about whether or not fan-funded content creators can go beyond just a subscription model. How does that future stack up from a creator monetization standpoint? And is Clash App a method you as an influencer can generate income. Do these platforms hold any relevance for brands as well? Sure … if the influencer has a big audience there.

But we get into that and how the creator economy payment structure is flawed with P.J. I think you’ll appreciate is expertise and perspective. 

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