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SEO Last Week: April 18, 2022

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First Up: There were unconfirmed algorithm updates on the 13 and 14 of April. These seem like the common “cleanup” type of updates.

In other news, Google has released a tool to help with Universal Analytics to GA4 conversion. This is huge because a big concern among many businesses that I spoke with were concerned about a gap in their data. 

To do this, the best resource is to google the phrase “universal analytics to ga4 conversion” There you’ll get an article that walks you through the process and you’ll be good to go way ahead of the cutoff.

Now for something I’ve been seeing: Bing has been an absolute roller coaster. 

And finally, it looks like Duck Duck Go has taken a stand against websites known for pirating including The Pirate Bay and Youtube DL. A spokesperson from DDG has said that they indeed have NOT removed any results from their index but this is more likely overlap from the data they pull from Bing. 

Which leads to two thoughts… While I’m all for DDG and their stance on privacy, they may be at the mercy of Bing’s wildness. 

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