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Want Instagrammers and YouTubers to mention your brand? Or do you want to influence an audience to buy your product? Winfluence – The Influence Marketing Podcast explores the world of influencer marketing from a strategic perspective to help your influence efforts align with driving business value. Host Jason Falls, author of the companion book Winfluence: Reframing Influence Marketing to Ignite Your Brand, interviews brand managers, agency strategists, software vendors and influencers themselves to uncover the art and science of influencing audiences to try, buy or think differently. There’s a difference between using influencers and actually influencing. Discover that difference and explore both online and offline influence on Winfluence.

Winfluence Special: Meet Ace Stone, Marketing Detective

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Yes, this is a special edition of the program. This episode should drop on the Wednesday of Thanksgiving week here in the United States. So most of us are welcoming family to the house, or visiting relatives at theirs, readying for turkey and ham and, of course, Thanksgiving Day American football. 

But many of us have either can’t distract ourselves from thinking about work for a four- or five-day weekend, or perhaps some of us have families that wear out their welcome and force us to run, hide and hibernate with a good podcast for a bit. So, I thought I’d share something fun with you in case you needed a little holiday distraction.

Of course, if you’re elsewhere around the globe and this isn’t a holiday for you, this episode can be at least a little weekend respite. 

Today on the show I want to share with you a very different marketing podcast. A different concept even.

You all know that Winfluence is part of the Marketing Podcast Network. And I am the network’s executive producer. One of the now nearly 40 podcasts on MPN is a unique one called Ace Stone: Marketing Detective. It’s a radio drama that parodies marketing!

This is going to be fun.

I invited its creator, Lacy Boggs, to come on, tell us a little bit of the back story, then we share the first episode of the podcast with you as a holiday weekend treat. You should run over and subscribe and binge the rest of season one, then ready yourself for season two which is in the works now.

Do that at, look for the show on the MPN website at or search Ace Stone Marketing Detective wherever you get your podcasts. 

No need for more today, folks. Thank you for taking time to listen to Winfluence – The Influence Marketing Podcast. I am Thankful for all of you. 

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