Empathy and Confidence with Drewbie Wilson

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My guest for this episode is none other than my good friend, Drewbie Wilson.

Drewbie is the VP over at Break Free Academy/Apex. Not only is his story absolutely incredible, but Drewbie is a wealth of marketing and sales knowledge.

Without giving too much away… Drewbie’s start was a little rocky and unguided. By realizing that there was a bit more to life than the path he was on, he turned his life around, lost a ton of weight and has really made a great life for himself.

I’m proud to call Drewbie a friend and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed the conversation.

To learn more about what Drewbie is up to:

Drewbie’s Website: DrewbieWilson.com

Vice President of Break Free Academy 

Digital Course Creator – www.closermemes.com 

Software Founder – www.leadstages.com 

Best-Selling Author – View “Crushing The Day” On Amazon 

Podcast Host – Crushing The Day Podcast